Questions & Answers
How much vs. how much are going to play?

Which gametype will be play?
-Our teams favourite gametype is Bank Robbery, so we decided to play Bank Robbery.

Can teams have reserve players?
-yes, no problem.

Is it allowed that a clan can register 2 teams?
-yes, let all players play. To play a tournament is a good experience for everybody.

Are mixed teams allowed?
-yes, sure. 

How to make a demo? console with ^.
2.write in console /record demoname stop the demo write in console /stoprecord

How to connect over IP?
1.Start Smokin'Guns.exe
2. In Smokin'Guns Main Menu --> Multiplayer --> join --> specify.
3. Type in the IP.

On which server we are going to play?
-Isn't sure yet, but we think we can have sg.wars-private Server. (
Or a Server of Hypnos, isn't sure now.

How often has a team to play per week?
On beginning we thought every evening, but that isn't possible for every team, so we decided that every team has to play only 2-3 times per week.

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