Semi - and final rules
Semi finals winners play the final (1st and 2nd place)
Semi finals losers play the small final (3rd and 4th place)

Maps are now chosen by elimination, not like in the groupstage.

Highseed has the advantage in the elimination proces.

Lowseed has to start eliminating from the maplist, each turn you can pick one map to eliminate, so you eliminate one by one.

You continue to eliminate maps from the map pool untill only 3 maps are left, the mappool consist of 9 maps so that means each clan can eliminate 3 maps in total.
The maplist is: Durango, Mexico, Newtown, Cobber Canyon, Santa Cruz, Dawnfort, Alamo, Hang'em High and Coyote Bluff.

When only 3 maps are left, Lowseed has to pick one of the 3 maps (and side) to be played first, Highseed can pick the second map (+side).
If the score is 1-1 the third map will be played (highseed pick side).
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