game details

Each match consists of 2 maps, each team can choose one map from the maplist.
The maplist is: Durango, Mexico, Newtown, Cobber Canyon, Santa Cruz, Dawnfort, Alamo-tiny and Hang'em High. 
Each clan can pick one map each match.
Scorelimit is 7, round timelimit 3 and no timelimit .
All matches must be played on the sg.wars clanwars server. (But please be in before your match, 1 person)

Winning team gets 3 points, in case of draw, each team gets 1 point.
When 2 or more teams have equal points, the amount of rounds won will be decisive who ranks first.

Only admins are allowed to spectate
If a round goes to a time out 1 POINT WILL GO TO THE DEFENDING TEAM

All players HAVE to record demo's of every match. After each match a clan has to upload all players demo's and provide a link of the uploaded demo's in the forum. If a clan fails to provide all demo's of a match they can get a default loss for that match

A player can only play for 1 clan, if a player played for 2 clans they will get a default loss in those games and that player will not be allowed to continue in the cup.

It is not allowed to use bugs to steal the gold, the safe must be blown up with dynamite and the dynamite has to be in the same room, so no dynamite splash damage trough walls!

Games will be played 4vs4. If a team is not able to field 4 players, it is allowed to play 4vs3 or 4vs2. A team that has 4 players, cannot be forced to play with less (f.e. 3vs3).
If a team has only 1 player, they lose by forfeit, it is not allowed to play 4vs1.

Copied of:
Because of why should we change the rules?

We suggest a date for your fight, you can read it in ´´dates of fights´´.
If there isn't any protest the game will taking place then.
When one team don't have enough players this evening it's allowed to play 4:3 or 4:2.
If you can't play on the dates we suggested, you can write in our forum in ´´Changing dates of fights´´. After that we will speak with your opponent.

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